The Ultimate Battle of Heroes!

The Ultimate Battle of Heroes!


The ultimate battle of heroes, Marvel v.s D.C. The biggest questions of the heroes topic ever. So, today we will be seeing the battle of 2 games. On the right side, we have Kabam’s game, a battle of their own kind, Deadpool, representing Marvel’s Contest of Champions. On the left side, we have a game made by Netherrealm Studio, another battle of their own kind, that game that we just made a post recently on, Deathstroke, representing Injustice: Gods Among Us. We will be comparing these games in 5 fields. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Special Powers

Here, we have Injustice’s special powers, when their is a lot of parts where their is bright stuff. But most of the time they are to bright, and they have a lighter out line of the bright object. For example: we have Lex Luthor’s final special move, he dials up something on his suit, and then a satellite blasts a huge red laser, and the laser has a huge outline.

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While for Contest of Champions, they zoom in and then they focus on the two characters for each special. So we can actually compliment on their moves. But Injustice, changes the angle a lot. So in this section, I got to give the point to Contest of Champions.


 Well, in these two games, let’s start off with Marvel’s game. Well, in this game we have different version of each character, because of their movies release. So for example, we have Thor, and then they release Thor’s latest movie, Thor: Ragnarok, they will make a new version of him, and how he looks like in the movie. This is the same with Injustice. Well the problem with this in Marvel’s game is that they miss some of the details or add to much detail as in extra. For example, for Ant-man, they added an extra circle on his helmet. So in this case, Injustice will get this point. So, the battle is now tied. 


Well, let me tell you one thing right away. Injustice’s tutorials are VERY ANNOYING! Seriously, they over exaggerate the action. If it’s telling you to tap it once, it’s going to blink it a lot. How is that not annoying. But for Contest of Champions, they show the action once, with a explanation on top, and if you take a long time, it will show the moves again. So for the annoying thing that Injustice does, Marvel gets the point.

Game Modes

In game modes, Contest of Champions and Injustice, kind of have the same game modes, story, versus, events, alliances. But, Injustice has one mode that Contest of Champions doesn’t have. That one mode is Survivor. So since that Injustice is unique for this mode, I’ll give them the point. Now for the tie breaking battle, who has a better main character.

Better Main Characters

Well, as we already know, the main characters of both games are, Deadpool and Deathstroke. Well, thanks to this YouTube video, I don’t have to explain everything.



Well, as you can see in the video, Deadpool wins. So that means Contest of Champions wins. I guess that this was a very fair and close battle. See you until next time.

D.C Power!

D.C Power!

Today’s post will be about the opposite game of Marvel’s Contest of Champions! A game based on D.C Comics characters. The game is Injustice: Gods Among Us! Well in this game, they have a LOT of events. Probably even more than contest. Well in this game, they have 5 compartments. The first one is story mode. So in each part there is 6 regular battles with about 4-5 battle in each one. One boss level which has 2 battles, and one boss to beat, which is hard. There is also random, where you don’t know which characters you will face. There is survivor mode, where you keep the health that you lost, and when you die, it’s game over for you. Well that’s it for Injustice.

May the Best Hero Win!

May the Best Hero Win!

So just before I start, how was your March Break? Mine’s was amazing! Well, today’s game will be for all you Marvel fans out there. Here is Marvel’s Contest of Champions. So this game is where Marvel heroes and villains… well… um… fight! Yay! I don’t think that’s a good thing. Now moving on, this game has many characters and they add a lot of characters when there is a new event. Now, don’t expect me to name all the characters because I am not doing that. Each character has one of these 6 types. Each of them has weaknesses. I will name them, so that means that the next type will the previous type’s weakness. The types are, mutant, tech, skill, cosmic, mystic, and science. This has many, many, many events every week or two. You can unlock characters from crystals which can be bought with shards or units. Your hero will be either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or with luck a 6-star hero. The heroes either have one, two or three special moves. Well, when you do download this game, tell me who is your favourite hero or villain. My favourite hero is the Civil Warriors. Well I hope you guys enjoy your very new download.

Top 5 Arcade Mobile Games

Top 5 Arcade Mobile Games

Top 5 lists are fun, so I decided to make one. Also, I’m just going to tell you readers what I’m looking for a game so it can make my list. So, for a game to make it onto this list, it must: be a mobile game, it has to be an arcade game (I mean, obviously, it says on the title), it must be available on both Apple and Android or the App Store and Google Play, and it has to have an overall rating of 3 out of 5. So, now know the criteria, let’s start listing.

5) 2048

This game is pretty addicting for a game for a 19-year old teenager. Yes, this game was made by a teenager. For some reason, it gets compared to Flappy Bird a lot, even though that game has nothing to do with Flappy Bird. It has about a 4.1 rating. It does take a long time to finish the game. Since you can get bored with connecting numbers, it still got on to the top 20 of the “Top Grossing” chart on the App Store after its release. Quick fun fact, did you know that an average 2048 game takes about 8 minutes. How many of you beat this game? I never did. Let me know if you did in the comments below. So, I think this game deserves its spot on my top 5 list.

4) is a fun game to play with computers and other people from around the world! It’s not that bad for a remake. Yep, is a remake of which was a failure. The difference is that has boxes and has no boxes and way better graphics. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that this is the 2nd most popular .io game, after Did you know that most of a number of players that play didn’t play before because it wasn’t on the top charts. This game has 4.5 rating, so it deserves a spot on my list. What’s your favourite .io game? Mine’s is Let’s go on to the next game.

3) Smash Hit

Smash Hit is so fun. It has 11 room styles and 50 different rooms. Wow, that’s a lot. Even I don’t have that many rooms, I mean who does have 50 rooms in their house. Anyway, I found this game very addicting to me. Did you know that this game has sound effects of breaking glass and changes music for every room? It even has power-ups. Also, this game has a 4.5 rating. I’m wondering what is your highest checkpoint? Mine’s is checkpoint 6. Well, that’s it for Smash Hit, and it’s time to go onto number 2.

2) Geometry Dash

This game was on the charts for a long time and probably still is. Before I continue, the full version cost about 2.79 dollars and the lite version is free. This game has many characters or icons. We have cubes, ships, balls, UFO’s, waves, robots, spiders, mini cubes and mini balls. There are 21 levels in the full version. In this game, you can also make your own levels. That very good, so it should be high on a chart. This game has a 4.7 rating. Did you know that the first Geometry Dash Level was not Stereo Madness? Back when the game was first in development under the name “Geometry Jump”, there was a level in progress that resembled “Base After Base” called “Ultimate Destruction”. What’s your favourite icon or character? Mine’s is the Deadpool cube. Well, let’s have a drumroll for the final game, the best arcade game.

1) Color Switch

Yep, the first arcade game is Color Switch. It has many different modes and their still making more! This also shows that even the simplest games can be addicting. They also have an “Infinite Mode” where you can play as long as you want with all the different modes. You can also by new balls with stars which are the currency of the game. Best thing is, even if you fail a level, you still get the stars that you collected during the time you were alive. Which mode are you favourite? Mine’s is “Swoop”. Let me know yours in the comments below. Quick fun fact, did you know that while you’re waiting for the right colour, the average person taps twice per second. Yep, it’s true, and also, people tap faster when their colour comes.

Well, I hope you try these games out and you agree with me. And by the way, this is my opinion and not yours. Well, see you in my very next post.

Shoot’m in the Head

Shoot’m in the Head

Do you like games that involve shooting. Than Bowmasters is the game for you. So the Point of the game is to kill your opponent with whatever weapon you have. Some characters can be unlocked with cash or gold, and others can be unlocked in chests. Some of these character’s weapons have a “special move” which can be activated by tapping on the screen. There is also daily rewards and free chests. So this game is for kids age 12 and older, but I think kids that are 10 can play it. this game can be played with your phone horizontal or vertical. So, in this game, there are 6 modes and some of these have to unlock by wins. There is the tournament mode, where you battle against other characters. This can be unlocked with 20 p.v.p wins. Then there is a P.V.P mode, where you can play against your friends. This can be unlocked with 15 games won against the computer. There is player v.s. computer mode, when you play against the computer. After, there is bird hunt mode, where you hunt birds with your character. If I were you, I’d  use a character, who’s weapon has a special move. Finally, there is the original apple shoot mode, which is when another character has a fruit on his head and you have to shoot it. Also, there will be a mode where you play against people that you don’t know. This will be coming soon. So when you download this game, tell me who’s weapon is lit. Mine’s is the shark’s trident. Let me know your’s in the comments below. I would give this game a ⭐⭐⭐⭐.6. So, I hope you download this game and I hope you enjoy it.

Monkey v.s Bloons

Monkey v.s Bloons

Bloons Tower Defense 5 or also know as BTD 5 is a game of conflict in between the monkeys known as towers and the balloons but in the game, it is known as bloons. So this game can be purchased in the App Store for 2.79.  So the point of the game is to not lose your lives and pop all the bloons. Also, you have to unlock all the characters and get all their upgrades. So the characters are

Dart Monkey Tack Shooter Sniper Monkey Boomerang Thrower
Dart Monkey Tack Shooter Sniper Monkey Boomerang Thrower
Ninja Monkey Bomb Tower 2 Ice Tower Glue Gunner
Ninja Monkey Bomb Tower Ice Tower Glue Gunner
Monkey Buccaneer 2 Monkey Ace Super Monkey Monkey Apprentice 2
Monkey Buccaneer Monkey Ace Super Monkey Monkey Apprentice
Monkey Village Banana Farm 2 Mortar Tower Dartling Gun
Monkey Village Banana Farm Mortar Tower Dartling Gun
Spike Factory 2 Monkey Engineer Bloonchipper 2 Heli Pilot 2
Spike Factory Monkey Engineer Bloonchipper Heli-Pilot
0-0 Monkey Sub HD Flash BeeKeeper
Wizard Lord
Road Spikes
Monkey Sub Beekeeper Wizard Lord (Tower) Road Spikes
Monkey glue btd2
Exploding Pineapple
Monkey Glue Exploding Pineapple Monkey Beacon (Tower)

That is a lot. Anyways, if you want to play this game right now on your device, click the link below. Also, which character is your favourite? Mine’s is the Super Monkey with the Sun God upgrade. Let me know your’s in the comments below. I would give this game ⭐⭐⭐⭐ and a half. So I hope you upload this game and enjoy it.

Play Bloons TD 5 Now!

D&D Dream Corps makes Another One

D&D Dream Corps makes Another One

D&D Dream Corps makes another game on heads. Head Basketball! This game is still getting updated, but for now, there are 5 options on the home menu of this game: arcade, campaign, tournament, survival, and multiplayer. In arcade mode, we only have 14 players and they each have names. The teams are; South Korea, Japan, Spain, India, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, U.S.A, China, Russia,  U.K, Italy, France. Campaign mode, which in fact is a new mode which they didn’t have in Head Soccer, is where you have the story of your character, and you have to beat 6 characters but the 6th character is known as the boss. Tournament mode is when you vs other characters until the finals and if you win, you get a trophy. Survival mode is when you have gotten a goal or more on one player. Multiplayer is pretty obvious, it’s when you v.s people that you know with Bluetooth. Tell me who’s special move is the best. Mine’s is probably Italy’s special move. Let me know your’s in the comments below. I would give this game ⭐⭐⭐⭐. This is Head Basketball and I hope you download it and I am sure that you will enjoy it.